About us

I'm Mollie, the founder of WMGT Home and Outdoor, launched in July 2019.

For years now I have found a huge comfort in words, in quotes and in those late night scrolls on Pinterest. I think because in the moment you read an arrangement of words through which you can identify yourself, for a moment or even a brief second, you don’t feel alone. You are comforted by the idea that someone else is feeling the same way as you and in that there’s a sense of relief. A sense of belonging.

When I finished my A levels, way before I picked up a camera and begun collecting stamps in my passport, I pursued a career in performing and in expressing myself through songwriting. Years later, I’ve surrendered to the winds of change, to opportunity that has come my way and to whatever has taken my interest and now I’ve transformed my expressions into photography, into video and into captions and quotes on Instagram.

Having spent 5 years successfully building the Where’s Mollie? brand (wheresmollie.com) and launching WMGT adventures (wmglobaltravellers.com) in April 2017, moving into products feels like a very natural progression. WMGT Home and Outdoor will be home to products that compliment an adventurous lifestyle like ours, whether it’s on the road or in the home.

WMGT Home and Outdoor is a place for me to get creative and get hands on with designing beautiful products for you to enjoy and that add an extra touch of sunshine to your life.

Thank you for being here and forever for your support.

I hope you love it here as much as I do…