'The little things'

'The little things'

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We live in a world of things. The only illusion would be to expect ‘things’ to provide some outer most satisfaction in your life. Things can’t do that. The world of form can’t ultimately satisfy you. You can enjoy the world of form but the true safisfaction doesn’t come from there, the world can’t do that. The world can’t make you happy. Things cannot give you happiness.’ Eckhart Tolle

Taken from SuperSoul conversations podcast with Oprah Winfrey

A note from Mollie:

‘This is my favourite print. This is a list of all my happy spaces and the one thing in common between them all is the state of presence they have me in.

It’s in these moments that we experience complete freedom. Complete freedom from our thoughts. For what is before us is more wonderful than any label we try to give it.

It’s in these moments we aren’t actually lost, we are found.

We find what it truly feels like to be alive, a feeling and state worth investing in over any ‘thing’ out there.

I see this print everywhere.
I have it framed large in my room, as a background on my phone and on my desk. It reminds me of all the ‘worth it’ moments.'

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